Criscara is...

Jewelry for the jet-setters, dream chasers, magic makers.

Those with a wild spirit and a gypsy soul.

Those who don't fit into a box, and would never want to…

Limited-edition jewels for one-of-a-kind babes


Welcome to the World of Criscara

Criscara is a made in the USA modern boho jewelry brand featuring limited-edition jewels for one-of-a-kind babes. Criscara blends the name Crista, jewelry designer and founder, with circare, a Latin word meaning to wander & explore.

From our signature collection of boho luxe body chains, foot chains, and hand chains, to our full range of modern bohemian jewelry, we invite you to explore our ever-evolving collections.

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We Believe...


More is more, and you should never have to compromise on quality for quantity.

Wish you didn't have to choose between quality and quantity?  With Criscara, you don't.  We specialize in high quality, made in the USA jewelry at exceptional prices so that you can go ahead and layer up - you get quality AND quantity! 

You are one of a kind. Your jewelry should be too.

That's why you'll find original Criscara designs, made in small quantities. Distinctive jewels to set you apart from the crowd that you won't find anywhere else.

Versatility is more fun - yes, you can do it all!

Not one to be defined by only one thing, the Criscara babe embraces her multiple passions.  She believes that you don't have to give up one dream to pursue another - she wants to do it all, see it all, be it all, and experience it all... 

Your jewelry shouldn't be defined by only one thing either.  That's why we make pieces that effortlessly transition across all facets of your life, and designs that can be worn multiple ways. Like our infinity style designs which can be worn as body chains or necklaces with 12 different styling options. Or our belly chains, which can double as belts, chokers, long necklaces, and bracelets.  Versatility is our middle name, just call us Cris-Versatility-Cara. :-)

#LiveCriscara is a way of life.

The Criscara babe lives each day to the fullest and never stops dreaming. She is a visionary, trend setter, and change maker - in her life and her style. She is confident, kind, and always curious.  She is fearlessly and unapologetically herself.  


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