Care and Use

How to Care for Your Criscara Jewelry

To ensure your Criscara jewelry lasts for years, follow these quick tips to keep your jewelry safe and looking its very best. 

Extended exposure to the air can oxidize any jewelry, so we recommend storing your jewelry in the jewelry pouch or box it is shipped in.

While we encourage you to wear your jewelry to the beach and the pool, we do not recommend that you wear your jewelry in the water since it can easily get lost or damaged.  The salt in sea water, and the chlorine in pool water can be very harsh on jewelry and can both cause tarnish and in some cases permanently damage the metals, gemstones, glass and pearls in your jewelry pieces.  Wearing your jewelry in the ocean or pool will shorten the wearable life of your jewelry.  If you do wear your jewelry in the water, ensure you fully rinse off any salt water or chlorine and allow to fully dry before storing. 

Avoid wearing your jewelry while bathing and showering, and remove before washing dishes and hands, or using household cleaners.  It is also best to avoid applying lotions and perfumes directly to your skin while you are wearing your jewelry.  

✧ If you put your jewelry on last and take it off first, you will help protect it from tarnish and damage.

How to Clean Your Criscara Jewelry

To remove dirt and oils from jewelry, simply wipe and buff with a soft cotton cloth.  This will do the trick 90% of the time.

If the jewelry needs further cleaning, create a warm soapy water bath by mixing 2 cups water water with liquid soap. We recommend using chemical and dye free soap.  

For all metal jewelry: You can submerge the jewelry in the soapy water bath and agitate it with your hands or using a soft silicone brush.  Do not use anything that could scratch the jewelry.  Rinse clean, then wipe the jewelry with a soft cotton cloth.  Allow to fully dry before storing.

For jewelry with stones: You can dip a cotton cloth in the soapy water bath and use it to wipe the jewelry clean.  To remove the soapy water, dip another cloth in water and wipe the jewelry, then allow to dry completely.  Do not submerge your jewelry in the cleaning solution.

✧✧✧ Do not use jewelry cleaners on plated jewelry, as this can permanently damage the plating.✧✧✧

Special Care for our .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Start by following the cleaning instructions above.  If additional cleaning is required, use jewelry cleaners and cloths formulated specifically to remove tarnish.  Ensure that you verify these cleaners are safe to use with the other materials in your Criscara jewelry.  Materials such as pearls and amber, and soft gemstones such as turquoise, can be damaged by some cleaners.

A quick wipe with a jewelry cloth will remove tarnish when it first becomes visible.  Once tarnish has set in, a dip in a jewelry cleaning solution may be the best option but always read the instructions on any jewelry cleaning product to ensure it is safe to use on your jewelry.

We personally use the Hagerty jewelry cleaning products and recommend Hagerty Silversmith’s Polish (for metal only jewelry) or Hagerty Pearl Clean (for jewelry with gemstones) for our .925 Sterling Silver jewelry.  You can find either on Amazon and dozens of other sites online.


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