Criscara - Meet the Designer

Crista has been designing jewelry for as long as she can remember. Always fascinated by the vintage treasures she would find while flea-marketing with her Dad or rummaging through her mother’s jewelry box, she started making jewelry in grade school. 

With a deep love for all things creative, she decided to turn her passion for jewelry design, photography, and writing into what is now the Criscara brand.  Crista continually finds inspiration through her love of nature, travel, antique markets, ancient architecture, and vintage jewelry and textiles.  Read more of the Criscara story on the blog...

"Jewelry is so much more than just an accessory. Jewelry is a means of self-expression. It is a reflection of the person you are today and a window into the person you will become tomorrow. What does your jewelry say about you?"

When Crista isn't designing new jewelry collections or interviewing inspiring women for the blog, she is coaching other brands and companies on all things lean agile, specializing in lean manufacturing practices and business agility.  She loves using her unique blend of creative artisan and highly-organized business strategist to help other start ups and companies grow and transform.

Crista Grasso, Founder & Designer

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