June 10, 2018

Ultra Violet Lookbook
I'll be honest, I don't pay much attention to trends when designing new jewelry collections.  I believe that if you wear what you love, it is always in style (and I know all you badass Criscara babes are trend setters rather than trend followers anyway!).  I always design based on my inspiration at the moment. 

Every now and then, my inspiration and the current trends collide and I couldn't be happier that the color of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, because... amethyst! The stone of protection, intuition, and transformation, amethyst has always been one of my favorite stones to design with.  So expanding our most popular styles of gemstone jewels to include amethyst?  Hell to the yes!  

Our Ultra Violet lookbook features a few of my personal favorites - Roadtrippin, Drifter, Daytripper, and Bach - all with deep purple amethyst gems.  Layered up with faceted pyrite from our Blue Lagoon series, we love it for adding a pop of color to Summer styling.  

"All the other colors are just colors, but purple seems to have a soul - when you look at it, it's looking back at you." - Swain

Produced by: The Cosmo Collective
Photography: Taylor Krause Creative | Rachel Brand
Model: Devin Drain | Styling: Alex Pierson 
Jewelry: Criscara
Location: Palm Springs, CA

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