November 20, 2018

Garnet is back... just in time for the holidays.  This beautiful deep red gem is thought to inspire self-confidence, love, positive thoughts, and passion.  

Photos: Jyo Shankar

The birthstone for January, garnet is a symbol of courage and compassion and is linked with harmonizing energy, stimulating sexual desire, and unleashing the imagination.

Some fun facts about garnet: Garnets supposedly reminded Ancient Greeks of pomegranates, and hence, the name garnet (from granatum). The use of garnet goes all the way to the Bronze Age. Artisans of the Egyptian Nile around 3100 BCE made jewelry with it.  Although commonly found in red hues, garnet can also be found in pink, purple, yellow, orange, violet, green, colorless, black and brown.

This limited edition gem is only available November through February, so we've been busy restocking all of your favorite styles and we added a few new ones too!   Garnet's rich wine colored hue is a must have this holiday season. 

Best of all, all garnet jewelry is included in our holiday sale, now through Cyber Monday.  Be sure to enter code HOLIDAY30 for 30% off.

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