May 03, 2018

Introducing our May Muse of the Month - Solange Marie, @solange_marie_.  I discovered Solange on Instagram a couple years ago and instantly fell in love with her easy bohemian style and stunning photos.  The first thing that struck me about her work is how distinctive and memorable the beautiful looks are that she creates. She is the ultimate Criscara babe and I am certain she is going to be the next big influencer!  We love seeing how she styles her Criscara jewels and her take on creating a gypsy jewelry look.  

I hope you enjoy learning more about Solange in our interview, and follow along with her adventures.   XO, Crista  

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An Interview with Criscara Muse Solange Marie

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Tell us about what you do. 

Currently, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. I've grown up in the fashion industry and have been modeling since I was quite young. It's brought me many opportunities both to travel and to work with other creative individuals, which I love.

I'm so inspired by those who find a way to make a living by creatively expressing themselves and I always feel privileged to help bring a vision to life. Growing up in the industry has grown my interest in everything it takes to create that final image and that's where I began experimenting with my own photography and blogging.

Beyond that, I've also taken on interior design projects, which I fell into by first designing my own home. I think it’s another wonderful way to express yourself through your surroundings. I think if you love doing something and it inspires you, you should bring more of that into your life. Being creative brings me such joy.

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The photos you create are so stunning! How do you come up with the inspiration for your photos?

When it comes to photography and style, I’m always inspired by nature and traveling. Sometimes it’s my surroundings, sometimes it’s the details.

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What are your favorite pieces of Criscara jewelry?

I love how Criscara Jewelry feels worldly. You can keep it simple or layer pieces, which I love to do, to create that collected, gypsy look.

Some of my favorites would be from the Stardust collection. I can never get enough turquoise and I’m obsessed with the celestial details!

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What are a few words that describe your personal style?

I’d describe my style as eclectic bohemian, though it varies day to day. I love everything from an easy bohemian vibe to a sparkling sequin dress depending on my mood!

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Any travel essentials you can't leave home without?

The only travel essential I can’t live without would be my camera. I always try to research can’t-miss spots (as well as any hidden gems) and see as many as I can while traveling. I’ll usually pack according to my planned adventures.

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What is one of your best travel moments to date?

One of my best travel moments had to have been seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkling from my hotel balcony. I stared in awe, staying up late into the night, realizing I was living a moment I had only dreamt of for so long.

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Where to next?

I'm currently planning a couple trips. One will bring me to the San Diego area and I'm excited to visit Balboa Park and the flower fields. I'll then be making a trip back to New England to visit my family and seeing them always makes me so happy! Sometimes it’s the people that make the trip magical even more than the place. 

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Do you have a favorite quote or mantra you live by?

One of my favorite quotes: “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.” -Lovelle Drachman

Being an open and curious soul has allowed me to learn more about everything. It’s connected me to incredible like-minded and inspiring people. I think you shouldn’t be afraid to seek more. Ask the questions, go off the beaten path, explore all the possibilities. It’s amazing the magic that the world holds for those willing to embrace it.

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Where can people learn more about you and follow along with your adventures?

Photo Credit: Solange Marie

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