October 02, 2015

Opal is a stone that feels like it has a million mysteries and secrets buried within it.  Like a gateway to the unknown.  

I love the way it shifts in color as it moves, especially the gorgeous opalite gems we use in Criscara designs.  In some light the stones glow the most brilliant light blue, in other light they take on an orange hue like a brilliant sunrise over the crystal blue ocean.  

It's such a fascinating stone and one of our favorites to work with.

Here are some fun facts about this gorgeous gem

Opal is considered the primary birthstone for October. As symbols of happiness, hope and truth, opals are said to not only bring good luck, but are thought to have great powers to heal the body, keep bad dreams at bay, and enhance one’s energy.

Used to protect travelers and open the gates of intelligence and imagination, it is a great stone for any wanderluster. 

Vavant Silver Opalite Handchain | Valencia Silver Opalite Bracelet| Bardot Silver Opalite Cuff

Vavant Bronze Opalite Handchain | Vavant Bronze Opalite Earrings |Valencia Bronze Opalite Bracelet

Vavant Silver Opalite Handchain | Vavant Silver Opalite Earrings |Valencia Silver Opalite Bracelet

Vavant Silver Opalite Barefoot Sandals and Anklet

Sashay Bronze Opalite NecklaceVavant Bronze Opalite Handchain | Bardot Bronze Opalite Cuff |Valencia Bronze Opalite Bracelet

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