September 14, 2015

9.11.15. Manhattan. Hudson Terrace.  And an amazing New York Fashion Week Runway Show.  With a mix of designers from Delray, Florida and New York City, including Roxy Lulu and Michaela, two of our favorite designers who's style we just can't get enough of (and who we love to collaborate with - hence all the photos we shoot with their clothing :D), plus House of Perna and DeBilzan who's work we were instantly drawn to. 

Here's a look at a few of their gorgeous designs.  And check out the amazing hair styling by Naked Hair.  

House of Perna

by Amanda Perna from Project Runway Seasons 9 & 14 



by Michael Sadi


Roxy Lulu 

by Julie Guaglardi


by William DeBilzan


Stay tuned for our next post, with a behind the scenes look at our NYC street style photoshoot with one of our favorite models from the show.  When in Rome... or New York in this case.  We never miss an opportunity to do a photoshoot! ;)
Here's a sneak peak #bts.



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