June 22, 2014

We recently interviewed the amazing Connecticut Boudoir Photographer Paul McNerney of Studio Boudoir to learn more about boudoir photography and the secrets to experiencing a great boudoir photo shoot. In this part of the interview, we talk about why boudoir photography is such an amazing and empowering experience for women and Paul shares some great tips on getting the most from your boudoir photo session.

About Boudoir Photography:

Why should a woman get boudoir photos taken?

This is a great question!  Its not as much “should” as it is “I want to.”  The women who think about doing this are usually thinking of a very personal gift for a significant other or, even more importantly, to celebrate their beauty!

It makes women feel amazing, to be pampered and to look amazing in photos. It's a great self esteem booster.

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What are some of the most common occasions for booking a boudoir session?

  • Wedding Gifts
  • Anniversaries
  • Significant Other's Birthday
  • Valentine's Day
  • Just Because

About Your Boudoir Photography Session:

What is the best tip you can give someone to make the most of her shoot?

You have to commit to the shoot! This means attitude, wardrobe, makeup, and hair.  If you pay a studio to make you look amazing and you come in with chipped red nail polish and old ill-fitting clothes/lingerie then that's what you'll get- old ill-fitting images, lol.

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If a woman feels shy in front of the camera or is self-conscious about her body, what can  she do to feel comfortable?

Most people do feel shy, awkward or intimidated in front of a camera.  This is absolutely normal.

When booking a boudoir photo shoot, I recommend you ask a lot of questions and ask to see a bunch of work before committing to a shoot and handing over a nonrefundable deposit.  I also must say that just because the photographer is a woman doesn't make it easier. Make sure you are comfortable with the photographer.  Man or woman, if they are professional they will respect you and do an amazing job!

One way I try to help is to have a policy of a mandatory meeting, face-to-face before the day of the shoot.  This way we are meeting in a casual setting with the ability to talk about what the woman expects to achieve from this shoot.

Style/wardrobe choice/set choice are all decided while fully clothed.  Then when the day of the shoot comes around we aren't meeting for the first time when the client is half naked. ;) I find this makes the woman feel much more comfortable the day of the shoot.

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What should a woman wear?

This is super important. Wardrobe can make or break a shoot.  

Your lingerie must fit. If a bra is a bit small or big, it doesn't work for photos. But don't get stuck on just bra and panties….think bigger.

Robes, stockings, garters, jewelry, SHOES, corsets, nothing. You want the outfit to make you feel like a million bucks!  Sort of like that ensemble that when you put it on the clouds part and angels sing…

Ladies, the entire ides of this shoot is to make you feel amazing or get a rise out of your mate, do it!

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Is there anything specific a woman should do to prepare?

YES! Manicure, pedicure, waxing, shaving.  If you're going to get waxed make sure you know your “healing” time- you know that redness that comes when you rip hair out of your body. ;)  However, if you don't believe in shaving or waxing, then don't do it. Come to the shoot wearing loose clothes, preferably no bra or any tight elastics, such as socks, tight underwear etc.

Please don't starve yourself or workout to lose 1 lb. before the shoot.  I want you to be beautiful and radiant, not starved and cranky! You are all beautiful the way you are, don't be negative about yourself for the entire week up to the shoot!

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Let us know about your own amazing boudoir photography experiences in the comments below. We also just might have the perfect something to add to your next boudoir photo shoot with our boudoir jewelry collection.

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