by Crista Grasso May 16, 2014

An Interview with Josie Jolon and the Beneath the Gown Team - Part 2
As seen in  Issue 6 of Nearly Naked Magazine

Did you see part 1 of the amazing interview with Josie Jolon?  If you missed it, you can  read it here .

Is it just me, or have cup sizes changed?  What used to be a B seems to be a C or D these days.

Yes, what used to be 34C or D is now a G or J. As ladies are more aware that the band fit is so important, the letters are jumping up.  I don't like to tell sizes and letters when I do bra fittings because people get scared.

What is important is finding a bra that fits your body and is comfortable, makes you feel wonderful and confident and gorgeous and beautiful.


If you could dispel any rumors or common misperceptions about lingerie, what would they be?

There are some people who think it's not proper; they picture something it's not.  Lingerie is classy and sophisticated; it's a higher echelon.  It's very exquisite and it makes you feel feminine, romantic, and seductive.

Another is that some people hate bra shopping because they had a bad experience at some point, but bra shopping is fun and makes you feel great.

It is also comfortable if you go to the right place.  You can bring your friends or your Mom.

At  Beneath the Gown, we offer after hour parties where you can have a group of girls come in and bring wine and treats and get complimentary fittings.

We can also do the same for couples where you get a private fitting in an intimate setting.

Shopping for lingerie should be fun!


Why is wearing great lingerie so important?

With the proper undergarments, your morning starts smoothly, you feel amazing and confident.  You know you look great and you are in your comfort zone so you can breathe and wear the lingerie all day.

Also, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see the beauty within us.  It helps us celebrate life and being a woman. It is so important to be able to have that connection with ourselves every morning.  Nobody needs to know what you are wearing, but you do, and you'll feel great.

Lingerie is all about embracing your femininity, embracing your shape and having fun!

Stay tuned for more from our multi-part interview with Josie Jolon from Beneath the Gown.  

You won't want to miss her tips about lingerie for boudoir photo shoots, using shape wear, washing and storing your lingerie, and choosing the right swimwear.

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If you enjoyed this interview, check out out our chat with boudoir photographer Paul McNerney where we talk about wearing your amazing and perfect lingerie for a boudoir photography session, and other great topics!

Secrets to a Great Boudoir Photo Shoot An Interview with Studio Boudoir

Do you think you are wearing the wrong bra size?  I know I was. ;)

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