by Crista Grasso November 19, 2013

Are you simply sexy?

Issue #2 of Nearly Naked Magazine has arrived - the Simply Sexy Edition.

Here's what you will find inside Issue #2:

  • Pg. 26: Style from the Inside Out
  • Pg. 30: Simply Sexy Jewelry Lookbook
  • Pg. 46: Get Sexy Feet
  • Pg. 54: Fitness & Self-Care Steps to Look Sexy Naked
  • Pg. 60: Holiday Gift Guide
  • Pg. 90: Must Know Bridal Beauty Tips
  • Pg. 117: Spiced Eggnog Latte
  • Pg. 132: December Birthstone Spotlight

I hope you love our Simply Sexy Edition edition! XO

Do you know someone who will love our magazine?

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Crista Grasso
Crista Grasso

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