by Crista Grasso December 02, 2013

I will admit that aside from designing jewelry, one of the most exciting parts of my business are the jewelry lookbook photo shoots!   

Today, I would like to invite you to join me virtually for our most exciting lookbook photo shoot yet- our Boudoir Jewelry Photo Shoot.

How to Join The Fun

It's simple- just follow us online!  We will be posting pictures and maybe even some videos all throughout the day.

You will get to experience the day with us and see everything that goes into creating the beautiful images you see every month in Nearly Naked Magazine and on our website.

We'll be posting and chatting from 10am until 6pm EST (or maybe even later) so grab a coffee, or a cocktail, and come join the fun on  Instagram!

Our hashtag is  #gonearlynaked.

All the action will be happening live on Instagram... But don't worry, if Instagram isn't your thing, you can catch us on Twitter and Facebook too.


Our jewelry lookbook photo shoots have taken us all over the US, from Los Angeles, CA to Hawaii.

Today, we are shooting a little closer to home in Stafford Springs, CT.

Go  Nearly Naked has teamed up with Paul McNerny of  Studio Foto for a fantastic editorial Boudoir Photoshoot unlike any other. 

It is going to be a full day shooting beautiful and sexy photos in a gorgeous romantic setting- with 5 models, professional hair and makeup, custom fitted lingerie, and of course lots of Nearly Naked jewelry.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how I do the photo shoots.  So, I am inviting you behind the scenes to see exactly how it is done and get a sneak peek at some of the incredible sexy and seductive photos that will be the highlight of the February issue of  Nearly Naked Magazine.

I hope to "see you" later today!

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Crista Grasso
Crista Grasso

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