About Criscara

Limited-Edition Jewels for One-of-a-Kind Babes

criscara offers an ever-evolving collection of upscale modern boho jewelry for the trend-setting and style-savvy gypset.  

The Criscara brand is about embracing the wanderlust spirit. Not only via travel but through trying new things, creating your own path, discovering beauty in the old and the new, and adding a little exotic to your everyday. 

the name

criscara is a play on the name Crista, our jewelry designer and founder, and circare, a latin word meaning to wander & explore. We feel it perfectly embodies the free-spirited and adventurous spirit the criscara brand and jewelry inspires.

the jewelry

Every piece of criscara jewelry is individually handcrafted using traditional jewelry making techniques and finishes with criscara's signature paisley charm.  Featuring natural gemstones & Swarovski® crystals hand-set in beautiful metal silhouettes in a wide range of stone colors and metal finishes.

Designs blend vintage and modern components with delicate and bold chains for pieces that are vintage-inspired yet modern, and always on trend yet timeless.  

We release new collections twice a year and always keep our designs original and intriguing, just like the women who wear them.

Handcrafted in the USA

the designer

Designer, Crista Grasso, has been designing jewelry for as long as she can remember. Always fascinated by vintage jewelry and the treasures she would find while flea-marketing with her Dad or rummaging through her mother’s jewelry box, she continually finds inspiration through her love of travel, fine art, antique markets, ancient architecture, and vintage jewelry and textiles.

The overall look, a chic and exotic assemblage, blends inspiration from India, Morocco, Europe, and Native and Bohemian roots with contemporary influences.

"Jewelry is so much more than just an accessory. Jewelry is a means of self-expression. It is a reflection of the person you are today and a window into the person you will become tomorrow. What does your jewelry say about you?"
~Crista Grasso, Founder & Designer