June 26, 2019


Serendipity - Criscara Capsule Summer '19 Jewelry Collection



Serendipity: (n) the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
Introducing Serendipity, our Summer Capsule Collection. Drawing inspiration from the magical possibilities and unforgettable chance encounters that only summer can bring, the collection features a variety of designs that range from darling and dainty to big and bold, proving that both are equally impactful. Serendipity plays with the concept of negative space, effortlessly mixing organic and architectural designs, with the end result echoing the glimmering, dream-filled days of summer.

Featuring high-shine finishes, geometric shapes and nature-inspired pieces, there's something for every boho babe in the Serendipity collection. Criscara's signature pieces are at the forefront of the collection, with hand chains, foot chains, belly chains and body chains playing a starring role in never-before-seen designs and shapes. The Wandering Star pieces are a dainty addition to our celestial collection, and the Head West designs are a fresh spin on cult classics like the Deville and CC jewels. Most Serendipity pieces are limited-edition and only available for the season, so shop the collection now.

"We are all wanderers on this Earth.
Our hearts are full of wonder,
and our souls are deep with dreams."
- Gypsy Proverb

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Model | Styling: Kayla Cooper

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