May 30, 2019

Sedona Sunset - Criscara Summer 19' Jewelry Collection - Part 1


 Longer days and warmer nights are upon us, and with the new season comes a new collection. Introducing Sedona Sunset, the first release of our Summer Collection. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity found in a glowing desert sunset, the Sedona Sunset collection celebrates the effortless and carefree energy that only summer can bring.

Featuring curved designs, textured metals and glittering gemstones, the Sedona Sunset collection is filled with versatile pieces meant for all-day adventures and after-hours magic alike. Layering pendants, statement earrings and stackable rings provide endless opportunities for styling, and are designed with both geometric and organic shapes which mimic the natural beauty of the desert. Celebrate the season with the Sedona Sunset collection – shop the jewels now.

"When your world moves too fast
and you lose yourself in the chaos,
introduce yourself
to each color of the sunset."
- Christy Ann Martine



Model | Styling: Solange Marie
Photography: Chris Heck

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