May 20, 2017

Life = good friends + great adventures

Rendezvous - Criscara Summer 17' Jewelry Collection - Part 1

Crista Grasso
Jeremy Pollack

Life = good friends + great adventures

Our Rendezvous Collection has landed!  It's all about those summer vibes, taking time to relax and check out, enjoying the moment you are in with the people you're with...  good friends, good times, good vibes, great memories, and some badass style. Starting the day with a little cowboy coffee, spending the afternoon creating and exploring, and ending the night under the stars, sitting by the campfire telling stories. It is appreciating the now while envisioning the magic tomorrow brings.

"It was inspired by a primitive camping event called Rendezvous that shaped so much of my journey as an artist and jewelry designer. It includes a lot of Native American influences, natural elements and gemstones - basically all things Rendezvous."

Stay tuned - we'll be releasing new installments of the Rendezvous Collection all summer long + taking you behind the scenes of the Rendezvous experiences that inspired the collection, and the launch of the Criscara brand.

Our story began at a Rendezvous, and so it continues...  Introducing the Rendezvous Collection for Summer 17.


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