November 05, 2017

If you ever visit our studio, you will find gemstones everywhere.  Wall hangings on the walls, sun catchers in the windows, clusters and points on the windowsills, and candle holders and gems mixed into the bookshelves. I believe that gems give any space so much character, color, and good vibes.  And just like jewelry, you can never have too many gems! :)

I am super excited to introduce our new Home Collection, including amethyst, citrine, and pyrite clusters, raw quartz points, himalayan rock salt candle holders, carved turtle figurines, thumb stones, and wall hangings.  I personally hand picked every gem for the new collection.

We've also expanded our selection of bag charms to include even more gemstone options.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Holiday promos where every order will include a free thumb stone. 

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