July 19, 2017

Up next in our Summer Interview Series is Hazel and Folk, a beautiful collection of clothing, accessories, and homewares from Australia, described as "understated elegance for those with a wild heart".  I love their flowy designs!  Each piece looks so comfortable and effortless, great everyday pieces that could transition from day to night and that would make the perfect foundation for a statement piece of jewelry

I hope you enjoy learning more about their brand and their story.   XO, Crista  

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An Interview with Adelaide Baxter, Hazel and Folk Founder and Designer

Tell us about Hazel and Folk.

Hazel and Folk is an Australian based label, which operates online globally via our E-boutique. Thoughtfully curated pieces, feminine cuts, subtle colour palettes, and effortless silhouettes are the foundations of my designs. I don’t design for seasons or trends, allowing the designing process to flow organically as pieces are released sporadically throughout the year.

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What is the inspiration for your designs?

I aim to create garments that are comfortable, timeless and elegant- designed to be worn day to night, season to season, year after year, gathering memory after memory, for generations to come…

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Tell us about the person who loves Hazel and Folk. What are a few words that describe their style and vibe?

She isn’t afraid to be the most over or under dressed at an event. She doesn’t follow trends, she likes what she likes, and that’s it. She loves to be inspired by fashion, but refuses to be a slave to it. She is feminine and elegant, but always a little undone…she’s got a wild heart that cannot be tamed.

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Tell us about you. What was your inspiration to start Hazel and Folk?

I grew up in the Islands of the South Pacific and South East Asia, so my infatuation with traditional and vintage textiles began at a very young age. My love for textiles carried through to the original HAZEL + Folk range of eclectic bags, jewels and home furnishings.

I always struggled to find clothing that would allow such pieces to breathe. My vision was to create basic pieces that were feminine, elegant and effortless, that you could style with the vintage tribal necklaces and bags I was selling at the time.

I originally started with just a few dress designs, and it has just blossomed since then.

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What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

Hmm… that’s a hard one. It’s always so rewarding seeing my designs come to life. I am also blown away by customers going out of their way to send me positive feedback telling me how amazing they feel wearing my designs, it means the world to me.

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Any fun facts we should know about you?

Before Hazel and Folk was born, I worked as a freelance florist doing weddings and events…but it turns out my allergies to flowers were worse than I thought!  Lucky for me Hazel and Folk became my new creative outlet and I haven’t looked back since.

I also think of my self as being solar powered, without warmth and sunlight, my brain really doesn’t function!

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Do you have a favorite quote or mantra you live by?

I’m not too good at sticking by it, but on my most recent trip to India, my partner and I met this amazing man who read me like an open book. He asked me why I think so much, and told me I need to stop. So that’s what I try to live by these days. 

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Any favorite piece of jewelry you just can't live without? 

I have a vintage brass Indian rupee from 1957 that I wear on a gold chain, which I found while making necklaces one day. Whenever I’m in India the locals always stop and ask me about it because it is so rare to find these days.

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So, what's coming up next for Hazel and Folk that you are most excited about?

I have been busy making some amazing new designs that will be released this Australian Spring / Summer.

I am also very excited to share some projects I’ve been working on with nonprofit organisations over in India.

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Where can people find your products?

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Photo Credit: Hazel and Folk  
Photographer: Melody Jasmine - @ontheroadwithmelody 

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