November 15, 2014

Simply Sexy is...

The Simply Sexy woman exudes confidence and charisma, style and sophistication.  She knows that sometimes less is more.  She loves to keep people guessing and has an air of mystery around her that draws people to her.  She radiates sex appeal simply by being comfortable in her own skin.

The Simply Sexy Jewelry Collection features dainty and elegant silver and gold body chains, belly chains, bracelet-ring handpieces, and naked sandal foot jewelry- the original barefoot sandals.

There are many ways to make a statement and sometimes going simple can be incredibly sexy.  Wear the Simply Sexy jewelry pieces to the beach, to the club, in the bedroom, or absolutely anywhere.  They are no-fuss jewelry that goes with everything, with an enticing twist that leaves a lasting impression and makes people take a second look.  They make a simply sexy statement worn on their own, and are the perfect foundational pieces for layering. Simple does not ever need to be boring. 

Intrigue and entice with the Simply Sexy Collection from Nearly Naked.  This collection is flirty, mysterious, fun, a bit mischievous, and so simply sexy.


Photographer: Jeremy Pollack | Model: Aryiel Hartman
Photoshoot Location: Los Angeles, CA


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