August 31, 2014

Your feet are an often under appreciated part of your body yet they are what support you, ground you and literally take you places.

Dry, rough, and callused feet are very common especially if you spend a lot of time on them.  Now that the colder months are approaching and we hide our toes under closed-toed shoes and wrap our feet in sock and stockings our feet can get forgotten- and well, not so pretty.

Here are some tips to keep your feet looking sexy and naked-sandal-ready. Naked Sandals are just as perfect for the bedroom as they are for beach, so let's keep those feet looking good all year round!


1.  There is no need to stop getting pedicures just because summer is over.  Keep up the routine and give your feet and yourself some well deserved pampering.

2.  Take frequent baths, or soak your feet.  This is yet another way to pamper yourself and it will keep your feet soft and silky.

3.  Use a pumice stone or foot file on rough spots like heels, soles or toes.  Then use a foot scrub on your overall feet and ankles to polish and buff your skin and remove any remaining dead or dry skin.  Feet should be wet prior to using these techniques- perfect to do while taking a bath or soaking your feet.

4.  Apply a heavy lotion to damp feet and rub it in well.  Look for lotions specifically created for your feet.  Then put on a pair of socks.  This is a great to do before bed so the lotion can really absorb into your feet.

5.  Massage your feet.  This is a great opportunity to enlist some help from your partner.  There is nothing like a good foot massage, and its even better when done by your man (even better when done by your man when he's half naked and there are candles and music playing...just saying...)

6.  Let your feet go naked.  Make sure you let your feet out to breath.  Wiggle those toes, plant your bare feet on the ground.  Don't let your feet be held prisoner by socks and shoes around the clock- they need to feel the air and move around unconfined.



Did you notice that when you get a pedicure they don't just cut your toe nails, they also file them and use a cuticle pusher? Be sure to do this yourself if you aren't going for regular pedicures.

After you apply a nail polish, use a clear coat to seal the color and protect it.


Nourish your skin with only the best, including your feet.  We always recommend organic and natural products that are good for you and good for the environment.

Check out Gaiam or the Healthy Feet Store for all sorts of natural products to pamper your feet.

Do you have any sexy feet tips of your own?  How do you keep your feet naked sandal ready all year round?

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